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Out the Window Art - Kharen Hill

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Kharen's Fine Art photography is receiving acclaim around the world and is in collections in Canada, USA, and Europe. Kharen's ongoing "Out The Window" series is her opportunity to show the world in found moments that are uncontrived. "I see 'Out The Window' as uniting the global daily common experience, and a chance to photograph the extraordinary in the ordinary”. “Out The Window” opens discussions on unification, demystification and reflects on the world and the everyday culture that unites the human experience. 

Kharen had her first solo show in West LA in June of 2014: "Out the Window - 5 days in Kenya." Partnering with the musicians and humanitarians, the band 'Jars of Clay' and their non-profit organization "Blood Water Mission" out of Nashville, she donates back a percentage of the image proceeds to support their non-profit work in Africa.

She is currently working on "The Space  Between Us" series.

Inspired by current events and the emotions between people that unite or motivate us to fight for a  common experience for all, through the lens of observing  the natural world that becomes a silent evolving backdrop despite our  human turmoil and disruption.

We will keep you posted on this series completion currently in progress and as we identify our community partners .

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